Shoe Brands to Watch: Emerging Designers and Established Favorites

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As the world of fashion continuously changes and evolves, so do the trends when it comes to footwear. Whether you’re an emerging designer looking to blaze new trails or a more traditional fashionista seeking out reliable staples, there’s no denying that the selection of shoe brands to choose from is vast. With so many options, it can be difficult to know which shoe brands are worth watching. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the shoe brands to watch right now—both emerging designers and established favorites.

1. New and Improved: The Rise of Emerging Shoe Designers

Over the last few years, the shoe industry has embraced the new and improved designs of up and coming shoe designers. These innovative minds have been able to break through the standardization and monotony of classic shoes and produce unique designs.

  • These designers break out of classic molds and create never-before-seen shoes
  • Most emerging designers employ innovative techniques for producing and crafting their shoes
  • Developing new materials is common in this group of designers

Military-inspired footwear is one example of how emerging shoe designers are shaking up the industry. Designers like Elma Vilgalys, Molly Estabrooks, and Christopher Grayling have all successfully ventured to incorporate military-inspired designs into streetwear, giving their shoes a classic twist. Military-style hues such as olive green, tan, and navy are the most popular when it comes to this type of shoe.

Athleisure footwear is another trend that has been spurred on by emerging shoe designers. Athleisure shoes are designed to be both comfortable and stylish – perfect for the modern man who needs to transition quickly from day to night. Hosam Magdi, Su Hangzhou, and Mariko Takahashi are all introducing their takes on athleisure shoes, combining classic shapes with modern colors and textures.

Minimalist shoes also feature prominently alongside the work of emerging shoe designers. Clean lines, simple designs, and minimal colors are popular with this group of designers; they’re inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian styles, producing classic silhouettes with a modern twist. Standouts competing in this space are Victoria Hesketh, Lin Guo, and Johanna Roiser.

2. Redefining Footwear Fashion: Established Shoe Brands We Love

It’s not anymore about what looks good on your feet, it’s about what feels good as well. Shoes have gone beyond a fashion accessory; comfort comes first in footwear now more than ever. The established shoe brands know their customers and have been working hard to deliver nothing but the best when it comes to luxury and quality. Here’s a few of our favourites:

    Nike: Most recognize Nike for its iconic logo and cool collections, perfect for any style. But Nike also provides superior comfort that can withstand hours of wear. If you need an unrivalled breathability, Nike has anaerobic engineering that works like a foot’s second skin with a supportive and snug fit.

    Chuck Taylor All Stars: Considered a classic staple of American style, Chuck Taylor All Stars provide a timeless comfort that can keep up with your activity levels. And with their array of eye-catching colours, these shoes aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

    Adidas: Known for its iconic three-stripe branding, Adidas shoes are a perfect combination of fashion, innovation and impact reduction. The collection of Adidas running shoes are some of the best out there, providing protection and energy to your first kilometre and light cushioning for the next.

    Vans: Greatest known for its iconic checkerboard pattern, Vans has been a leader in skate footwear for more than 40 years. Vans shoes provide grip, flexibility, and optimal cushioning, which helps extends their life and gives you confidence to show off your moves whether it’s on the skateboard or on the dancefloor.

    Puma: Working up a sweat or a night out – Puma shoes are made to keep you light on your feet with its contoured shape and advanced cushioning. Funky style meets accessibility with Puma, and it’s a fashion statement you can make with ease.

Whether you’re looking for dependable and secure feel or want to make a bold statement – the top established shoe brands have something to offer for everyone. Shop around and find the styles that fit both your outfit and your lifestyle.

3. Step in Style: Our Top Picks for the Best in Shoe Design


When it comes to creating a unique look, stylish boots help you stand out from the crowd. From trendy combat boots to stylish ankle boots, there is something to fit every look. Combining fashion and function, boots can help elevate your look and provide the support and comfort you need while looking your best.


Elevate your style with a pair of versatile heels. Choose between many styles and designs and find the pair that fits your style, whether you go for more classic styles or statement pieces. They’ll take any look to the next level.


For a more casual look, sneakers are always a great choice. Whether you need some slip-on sneakers for everyday wear, cool high tops to bring new life to any outfit or even athletic shoes, you can find it. Sneakers bring a sense of comfort and style, complete with street style flair.


Mules are a great way to add a little something special to your outfit. With interesting details and sleek silhouettes, you can find a mule that suits your needs. Ranging from classic loafers and flat sandals to chunky platforms, you can wear mules with anything from skirts and jeans to trousers and skirts.


If you’re looking for a stylish work shoe, brogues should be your go-to. With their intricate detailing, they’ll provide a formal touch to your look. You can find them in leather, suede, and even patent leather, so you can find one that fits your style. There are plenty of eye-catching details to choose from, so your look will be anything but boring.


When comfort is a priority, there’s nothing like a pair of flats. From ballet flats to espadrilles and sandals, there is always something for every occasion. Their stylish design makes them the perfect pick for day or night. If you’re looking for a classic shoe to pair with any outfit, flats are an ideal choice.

4. Happy Feet: The Trendiest Shoes to Keep You On-Trend

If you’re looking to accessorize your wardrobe, look no further than the latest and greatest in footwear – ‘Happy Feet’. These shoes are the cat’s meow of this season, and are the perfect way to keep your feet on-trend.

Styling: Whether you’re a fan of flashy, funky, or demure designs, there’s something for everyone in the Happy Feet range. Choose from a variety of single-colored, pastel, metallic, and polka dot finishes – all designed with comfort and fashion-consciousness in mind. Essential everyday staples like slippers and sneakers are reinvented with a touch of elegance, while gladiators and platforms provide a jolt of excitement to your wardrobe.

Durability: Happy Feet shoes are made with sturdy and slush free material, ensuring that no matter the terrain or climate, your feet are always safe, dry and at ease. Not only are the shoes comfortable and stylish, they are designed to last both in terms of comfort and lifespan.

Variety:One of the best things about these shoes is the sheer variety of styles, colors, textures and designs available. You can find a pair of shoes to match any outfit, be it a mini dress or a full-length gown. The selection is almost endless and endlessly fashionable.

Price:The beauty of the Happy Feet brand lies in the fact that it is both affordable and trendy. With prices starting from just a few dollars, you get great quality at a fraction of the cost, helping you to stay stylish on a budget.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for fashionable and stylish footwear, Happy Feet is the way to go. With shoes that are both comfortable and durable, it’s the ideal choice for fashionable people. So what are you waiting for? Add some Happy Feet to your wardrobe and take your style game up a notch!

Shoes are the foundation of form and fashion, and there is an abundance of shoemakers poised to take the future by storm. From emerging designers to established favorites, the list of shoe brands to watch is only expanding. No matter your personal style, there is sure to be a shoe brand catered to your taste. So, don’t fear the future of footwear—embrace and celebrate it!


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